Payton is a trendy toddler who was a preemie. Born @ 3.3 pounds, she was strong, alert & ready to see the world. These photos are fashions from her closet. We love to mix & match our thrift store finds with boutique brands. We reside in sunny southern CA and are currently looking for a modeling agency for Payton.

After i delivered Payton I was diagnosed with RA/Lupus & a rare leukemia. I was not sure what the future was for my health so I purchased many outfit's to help make it easier for my husband to dress her in the mornings.

I am blessed with two children that love to sing and dance. My son Garrett has a brilliant mind and loves to sing. At the age of 12 he was blessed to sing for Stephen Schwartz in Palm Springs California and was awarded Desert Theater's Bill Groves award for Outstanding Juvenile.

I am so blessed & I have stopped asking doctors too many questions. I concentrate on being thankful that I am here alive and able to watch my children grow.

27th June 2013


On our way to #fortwayne #indiana to 435 Matilda Jane Art Fair #lucasoilstadium #indianapoliscolts

On our way to #fortwayne #indiana to 435 Matilda Jane Art Fair #lucasoilstadium #indianapoliscolts

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